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A Unique Temple at Haripur Where the Lower Caste Women is Worshipped

Temple of Mother Bhagayani at Haripur Dhar
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It seems inconceivable at least in a caste ridden society that a women belonging to a lower class is worshiped by the so called upper class Hindus. Yet it is true in Haripur Dhar in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Struck by the peculiarity of the village at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level and a six hour drive through the serpentine hilly road; it is a relief to reach the village. 

Above 3 Km uphill, the temple is situated on a hilltop and provides a breathtaking view. A serene atmosphere without the usual noise and crowds associated with more popular temples is soothing. The temple though incomplete fills one with reverence, where the devotees perform prayers and pay their obeisance to Mother Bhagayani.

The story of the idol is that during the medieval period there once was a great saint Shrigur Maharaj in the area. He happened to visit Delhi. He was disgusted with the malpractices adopted by the shopkeepers to fleece the people. On protesting hes was arrested and put behind the bars. Guga Maharaj another venerated saint from Rajasthan came to his rescue and with the help of Bhagayani, who was a sweeperess managed to release Shrigur Maharaj. Bhagayani accompanied the saint to this place and has been worshipped as saint since then.

The temple at Haripur Dhar is the only place of worship where cutting across all shackles of caste-ism the uppr class Hindus worship a women lower in caste than themselves.

The temple has got a managing committee comprising the Sub- Divisional Magistrate, Tehsildar and other eight prominent people of the area.

The temple receives a steady stream of devotees who visit daily. The people from the far off places also visit the temple and attribute their achievements to the blessings of Mother Bhagayani.

Every year an annual fair is held in the month of April on Baisakhi when thousands of people throng the temple to worship the deity. Some offer goat sacrifices to please the deity. There is no plausible reason apart from tradition as to why the practice is prevalent.

May the light of transgressing caste-ism en-kindled in this tiny village spread to the rest of the country too. 

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